Do you really sell every type of battery and power solution?

Yes we really do we are members of one of north america’s largest buying groups so we have access to virtually every related manufacturer and if they don’t have it then we will do our best to make one or find an alternative for you, we also can source discontinued batteries or provide an alternative.

I have been thinking of converting or adding SOLAR POWER or WIND POWER for my Home Grid, Cottage RV or Boat. Is this costly?

Not any more, the PV or solar market has been under going dramatic growth in the industry lowering prices every year. There are now available through Total, Custom solar kits for all applications that have the complete system and excellent low prices.

They are so easy to install too, if you can use a screw driver and a drill you can install your own Solar or wind system very easily.

Do battery additives work?

For nearly 20 years Total Battery has seen “magical” claims of additives that restore dead batteries and most have turned out to be false or misleading, in the past 10 years we have been involved in the testing and analysis of 2 types of additives that actually can perform as they claim. The newest test additive that our Advanced Technology Division is examining is providing the most rapid recovery we have seen yet, currently the product is not available for mass consumption but if you are interested in purchasing this product for a trial or field test analysis click here and enter the word “battery cure additive test sample” in the subject of the request a quote field

How do I store a battery over the winter?

When storing a battery make sure to always disconnect it from the unit that it was powering. ie boat/rv/car. that will prevent any slow drains. Also make sure the battery is fully charged before storing and try to store the battery in a cool space. You can even store a fully charged car battery in an unheated garage as it will not freeze as long as the temp is above -75C.

Another good preventative measure is to
Treat it with OMEGA revive and attach a BATTERY MINDER which will constantly charge the battery and pulse it to keep sulfation off. By using these two items you could expect your battery to last for many more years than its typical life.

If my battery goes dead in my car do I always need a new one?

No not always, in most cases if the battery was drained over-night due to a light on. then the battery can be recharged using a standard 10 amp charger for about 8 hours. If the battery is left dead for many weeks the likely hood of it re-charging is diminished due to the accumulated sulfation. In this case you would want to use our Omega Revive treatment and our Battery minder. (see products section)

How long do alkaline batteries last in storage?

Alkaline batteries can last up to 5 years in storage, as long as they are not exposed to undue heat and sunlight. Many people store their alkaline batteries in their freezer to keep them fresh but this is unneccessay as storing the batteries in a cool dark place will give you the same benefits and you will be able to use the battery immediatley.

What is the difference between Nicad and Nimh Batteries?

The main difference between Nicad and Nimh batteries is the energy density and the reduced crystalization (memory) of the Nimh battery. Nimh (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries have more energy and will not be as prone to “memory” as Nicad (Nickel Cadium). The Nicad is known as the workhorse of the portable battery industry and is high cycling solid performer but if not charged/discharged properly will be prone to develope memory.

What is the best battery for a flashlight to work in freezing conditions?

If you have a flashlight that uses AA alkaline batteries then consider moving to the AA lithium batteries (1.5V) version as they will remain fresh and perform as low as 30C without any appreciable difference.
An alkaline will be too cold to work. So if you are leaving an emergency flashlite in your car over winter make sure it has lithium batteries. Our X5 LED floodlight is a lithium powered flashlite and is ideal for all applications

My digital camera eats alkaline batteries is there a better solution?

Yes there is, Nimh rechargable batteries and portable charges are the way to go, they can save you hundreds of dollars in alkaline batteries over their life.

We have many models available but the most popular is the ULAASC (see our specials section) and the MAHA digital camera battery and charger which we also stock.

How can I get my boat batteries to last more than 2 years?

The major reason boat/RV batteries are not lasting as long as Car batteries is the fact that they are being stored half of the year and large amounts of sulfation are accumulating on the plate of the battery limiting its ability to create electricity. As the battery sulfates it creates more heat when charged/discharged and weakens the battery further.

There are many ways to avoid sulfation. One is the use of a “pulse charger” like the battery minder. And another to add our OMEGA Revive treatment to the battery.

What is “pulse” charging technology?

Simply put “pulse” charging is a DC current that has a specific amplitude or Frequency that when it is applied to a sulfated battery under charge will “Grind/dissolve” the sulfate off the battery plate and back into the electrolyte (Acid). This cleans the plate so it can make eletricity and reduces the resistance so water loss and heat are less.

In many cases a Pluse charger will make a battery last 2-3 times longer than normal

Check out our Omega RessurecX on the specials page, and visit our LINK page for more info on Pulse.

What is memory?

This term is regularily used in Video camera Nicad batteries and occasional cell phone batteries.

What it simply means is that some of the chemistry in the battery used to make electricity has “crystalized” and will not make electricity leaving the remain portion of the battery to work and reducing the run time.

This “memory” is cause by undercharging/discharging a Nicad and occasionally Nimh battery.

There are many option to use to clear “memory” that we have available
some include the CADEX units. visit our CADEX under the accessory sections.