Duo Regen

All Lead Acid batteries make electricity by an electrochemical reaction, during the reaction sulfur molecules start to crystallize on the interior of the battery slowing down the process and eventually reducing the power and life of the battery. This process is called “Sulfation” and it is the 1# reason for battery failure.

After many years of field studies and prototype testing Duo-Regen has produced an inexpensive method to remove the sulfur crystals and prevent them from re-occurring thus restoring your weak batteries and extending the life and performance of your new batteries. Total Battery has been involved in all the testing for the past several years with conclusive positive results.

Now you can treat your Boat, RV, Car, Motorcycle, Skidoo, jet ski, Floor scrubber, Electric Forklift, Commercial Transport and many other types of lead acid batteries, saving you or your company hundreds if not possibly thousands of dollars each year.

We are currently looking for Dealers and Distributors for the North American Market please email an inquiry.