Whatever the battery you’re looking for they have it or can get it.

Stephan Laplante Ottawa ON January 8, 2018

We had a unique battery problem.  The very cold weather wasn’t very helpful dealing with the battery.  David at Total Battery help us resolve our battery problems.  His politeness and understanding was much appreciated.   He did go the extra mile on our behalf.
Thank You.

Cha-Cha M. Nepean ON January 4, 2018

Excellent service and a very large selection of batteries. The staff were very friendly and took time to assist me in getting me what I needed, while educating me in the product. I received a great price on the battery for my car that also comes along with a 36 month warranty. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Angela Donato Toronto ON January 4, 2018

I had been having some battery issues for a while and after having the car barely start on a very cold day after work, I gave Total Battery a call late in the day. They were more than welcome to stay 5-10 minutes after closing so I would be able to make it in to purchase the required battery for my car. They went over the differences between their brand of battery and the NorthStar battery. Despite the higher price point, I ended up going with the NorthStar due to the warranty and higher specifications which would better suit my car’s requirements. Thanks Total Battery!

Sean Pistolkors Barrie ON January 4, 2018

Great service and staff know their stuff!

Marc LNU Stittsville ON January 4, 2018

Awesome guys!

William Wallace Stittsville ON January 4, 2018

Very professional

Marc Lamoureux Ottawa ON January 4, 2018

Good service

Gilles St-Amour Ottawa ON January 4, 2018

Large selection and well price. Open on Sunday is an additional benefit.

Targinder Kainth Ottawa ON January 4, 2018

Hi David,
Thank you very much for all of your help and oversight in the acquisition of our new batteries.
I didn’t realize how much work it would be and I’m thankful for all of your efforts and the efforts of your people at the Barrie store. And of course my son and son-in-law, that did all of the grunt work, taking the old bank apart, loading it and then off loading and assembling the new bank. It took all day, 6am – 10pm, and there’s still some to do.

It’s fortunate that, if all goes well, we won’t have to do this again for 15-20 years. Sometimes we host a tour group that look at off grid houses and we have a hand-out of all the suppliers we would recommend. We’ve added you and Total Battery to the list.
The skids the 2KS 33P’s came on made a perfect ready made platform that saved us some work. They came with brand named Rolls 19″ 4/0 cables, terminal boots and stainless steel nuts and bolts, they really are a premium product and we are pleased with our purchase.

Thanks again David


Syd and Karen Parkin Barrie December 4, 2017


J Vingoe Barrie December 4, 2017

Amazing prices and even better service. Thanks guys, the Civic purrs like a kitty.

Rion Car Battery December 4, 2017

Special thank you to Steve Shand for going above and beyond by staying past closing hours to ensure I had the right batteries. Pleasantly surprised that Steve was so accomodating. Thank you again.

DIGGIN RIGGS Paul Kent Ottawa ON December 4, 2017

Any type of battery you’re looking for

Andre Lab Ottawa ON December 4, 2017

Bryan went out of his way to assist me with ordering 800 batteries. Great service and highly recommended.

Neil Mihan Toronto Vaughan December 4, 2017

Hey Dave.
Thanks for the great service and fast turnaround on the replacement battery for my alignment machine. On a Friday afternoon with 4 alignments waiting you saved our ass.
From now on you will be our first call with all our battery needs.
Thanks again.

S&S Service Centre Ottawa ON November 5, 2017

Subject: You Saved Me! Thank you.

Hey David, I just wanted to thank you once again for staying after close and waiting for me to arrive to exchange batteries. I bought it earlier in the day and there was obviously a mixup because I ended up with the wrong battery. I called just as you were about to close and explained the situation and you graciously offered to stay late until I could reach the store. Even after I became stuck in rush hour traffic, you continued to wait. I am so grateful for your assistance and I wanted to convey my gratitude. You have definitely obtained a lifelong customer.


Rowan Ashe Ottawa ON November 5, 2017

Made Thug Kitchen brownies as a thank you to the wonderful Total Battery supervisor Dave for fixing my inverter i use for earthling demos for free on his own time.

For anything battery related go see them!

Shawna-Lee Harrison Facebook blogger Ottawa ON November 5, 2017

This is what true excellent customer service should be, James was super helpful and with little to no info, searched for 10 minutes to find the specialty unique batter for my black light with no code given other than voltage

Thanks for the perfect superior customer service!


Stephen Proulx Ottawa ON October 21, 2017

Hi I’m not much for reviews as I am a man who believes in a handshake. Be it as it may I’ve come to respect and appreciate the fine folk at the Nepean Total battery. I come here and have been treated fairly and greated with a familiar smile. I’ve come to trust and count on their advice and customer service. Dave has always been their for me, given me positive advice and real deals. To me that means a product that lasts and has little to no maintenance. He also investigates new products or specific products to my needs. Thanks for that, a life long customer

Carlo DiFelice Ottawa ON October 19, 2017

Great place with knowledgeable staff! Great products! Bought a Northstar battery.


Chris Woods Ottawa ON October 11, 2017

I got the lowest price, best service and quality on a new motor cycle battery. They also sell chargers and give great tips to help you get the best life and reliability from your new battery. I will use them again! They also have batteries for cordless phones and anything else that uses a battery

Sandro Diclemente Toronto - Vaughan, ON September 15, 2017

Bryan went out of his way to assist me with an issue on a remote control pad. Great service and friendly staff. I will definitely return and highly recommend.

Elviro Marsella Toronto - Vaughan, ON August 25, 2017

Nice guys, gave me some nuts to get me out of a jam.

Adam Deslauriers Nepean, ON August 24, 2017

A few years ago, in Florida, I purchased a cordless hair clipper … a pretty good quality. Probably the best clipper I’ve ever had. I did get a good price for it at a store called “Tuesday Morning” and they ‘specialize’ in buying close outs and so on.

My mistake with this clipper is that I always left it in it’s stand up charger, etc. So, the batteries failed in about 3 years. I contacted the distributor and they wouldn’t provide service outside warranty period.

So, I went over to my near “Battery Plus Bulbs” in Florida and asked if they would replace the batteries. Their response was that, because the batteries are soldered to the “mother board”, we’ve not had good results and therefore … No.

So, I took it back from Florida to our home in Canada in April 2017.

I’ve been to your 1151 Newmarket Street store many time before, and that is where I brought my clippers on April 13, 2017. I can’t remember who served me, but he looked at it, took it apart a little bit and then said that they can replace the batteries (i.e.: Invoice Number 0125012). I paid them and they said that they’d call me when ready.

I received a call and I went in on April 21, 2017 to pick it up. I did make sure it was fully charged before using and so on.

As I used it, it was functioning just great! After about 4 uses, it began to ‘sputter’ and so on. So I fully charged it again. After using it again, it still seemed to sputter and even momentarily STOP.


On Friday, July 07, 2017 I was going into town and I decided to take the clippers into/back to the Newmarket Street store. I can only remember one of the stores staff’s names … Corey. He was there, but busy with other things. It was a thin red haired fellow that looked out after me. He stated that it did not necessarily be the fault of these batteries and/or the connection of same (note, these are my words, not his).

So, he took it apart and showed me that it was the wires not making a proper connection to the electric motor AND also to where it went back toward where the batteries were. You could clearly see that this was of no fault of when the batteries were replaced, etc. This counter person offered to ‘fix’ this … stating that Total Battery does NOT do this kind of thing and so on.

He was clear that there is no liability on their part and so on. I said go ahead and I offered to pay. He said no, that’s okay. In a few minutes and while showing me the steps he was taking and the finished product and then trying it. It now works GREAT!

They wouldn’t take any form of compensation. I thanked them and went on my way with a clippers in working order!

I really thought it best that YOU know what a good experience that I had. I worked with the public for over 32 years in my working career and I can tell you with absolute certainty that this is truly Value Added Service and the right call was made here.

Thanks everyone so much, GOOD JOB!

Mike Wood Ottawa, ON August 14, 2017

Vaste choix de piles. Prix raisonnables.

Normand Defayette Ottawa, ON August 4, 2017

Cheapest cordless phone batteries I have ever found by far, anywhere from 25 to 50% less than any where else.

Michael Gropp Ottawa, ON August 3, 2017

Hey Dave I just wanted to say thank you for staying open past 6pm yesterday that was well above and beyond customer service expectations. Most place would just turn customers away and may even loose a few in return.

I will definitely be back and let my friends know of the excellent service I received.

William Hull Nepean, ON August 2, 2017

My daughter has an old battery powered jeep that I got second hand and it needed a new battery. I searched everywhere and was referred here. David was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed! He rewired the battery charger cables on the battery for me, and even brought it to me in my car!

Less than 15 minutes of excellent service – highly recommend for all your battery needs!

Carrie L Nepean, ON August 1, 2017

Fantastic customer service from Neil and Carter at this location. They were amazingly helpful and personable😊 We left with a better product for the same price and was installed for us. Would recommend this location to anyone 👌

Katherine Dupuis Barrie, ON July 31, 2017

Best prices for batteries…. Came in 30$ cheaper than Canadian Tire or even smaller businesses.

Steve O'Malley Stittsville, ON July 24, 2017

Spent an hour trying to install the battery myself – didn’t go well! Took the unit back to Total Battery – problem solved. Carter – with some input from Neil M – did it for me. Great guy – very personable and obviously knew what he was doing – and didn’t charge me for the help.

Thanks, Carter – you’re the best!

Aaron Marshall Barrie, ON July 18, 2017

I just want to voice my appreciation with the outstanding service I received recently. Last Thursday I was searching the web to find a replacement battery in Ottawa for my Panasonic camcorder. I found one at an Ottawa camera store but the price was outrageous. I figured I would try Total Battery on Newmarket and gave them a call. I talked to Dan and he told me that he had one listed but none in stock. I mentioned that I really needed one and asked if there was another source nearby. He said he would check his sources and get back to me. About 10 or 15 minutes later I got a call, totally unexpected, and it was Dan. He said he had found one and it could be at the store the next day. I was amazed that someone would go out of their way to source a 40 dollar battery let alone be able to get it there so quickly. You just don’t see service like that anymore. I not only got the battery I wanted but I could have bought three for the same price the other store wanted for one. At any rate, Kudos to Dan and Total Battery. I can say that I will be a dedicated customer and will spread the word.

Doug McLean Ottawa, ON July 13, 2017


I was going to call your Manager and advise him/her of the great service I received from you today when I looked at your card and realized you were the manager.  I would like to thank you for your professionalism and customer service today.  I don’t know your boss, but I ask if you could forward this Email to them from me.  I have tried several places to locate this type of fuze as well as the Mechanic that’s looking after our Truck and we had no such luck.  I know that you’re busy, but taking the time out to call many different businesses  to locate this item for me is greatly appreciated and not to mention the help with our purchase of Three Batteries (invoice # N53602) from your store. Thanks Ernesto, I will definitely recommend your store to anybody.  Keep up the good work.

Randy Noseworthy Nepean, ON July 13, 2017

Good morning Mr. Simpson, in follow up to the last email below regarding Nick Labelle. It has been a year and again I can tell you Nick has looked after our interest with a very professional attitude and we are very pleased. When I met Nick several years ago as a new Total Battery rep replacing Barry Tulk, Nick has continued to work hard to ensure we have what we need and he has been there for support along the way when there were questions or concerns. Over the course of a year we deal with many vendors for various reasons, and honestly I don’t usually write any comments. However Nicks efforts and work ethics stand out and I truly think that needs to be passed along.


Joseph M Killmartin Stittsville, ON July 13, 2017

Hi There,

I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed I am with the staff at your Iber Road location in Stittsville. I have had cause to call the store each morning for the last 3 days, and drop in the past 2 evenings. I have dealt with both Nick and Dan, and found them VERY friendly, helpful and customer focused. They are GREAT representatives of your company! I will definitely be recommending Total Battery in Stittsville in the future.


Jackie Rainbow Roofing Stittsville, ON July 13, 2017

Hello Total Battery—

I just had a wonderful experience dealing with your Stittsville outlet.    Manager, Nick LaBelle, and service representative, Dan Humber, were most helpful and accommodating in attending to my battery needs.   I found them to be most knowledgeable and both afforded me their undivided attention.   Needless to say, that alone, gave me great comfort to consider Total Battery as my dealer of choice, ongoing, in assembling my battery needs for a fairly substantial off-grid system that I will be installing this summer.   I am confident that Nick will help guide me in the right direction as decisions are made on battery type and battery bank sizing.   I am looking forward to working with him. I just wanted you to know that you have a couple of good guys hard at work, making customers like me, believe in Total Battery.   Thanks again for the great service.

Wayne Rostad Musician & Former Host of CBC's On The Road Again Stittsville, ON July 12, 2017

I want to tell you that service I obtained from your employee Steve Shand was excellent.  He provided the best information for my inquiry. His customer service was excellent and appreciated.

Jim Ottawa, ON July 10, 2017

If you need a battery, they have it. Good prices, amazingly deep stock on hand.

Robin Davies Ottawa, ON July 5, 2017

Just had a great experience dealing with Steve Shaud at Total Battery. He was courteous and explained more than he was obligated to.  Anyone who does business with me, knows I love that “good old fashioned service”!

Thanks Steve!

Chris MacDonald Ottawa, ON June 22, 2017

They stock almost any kind of battery you can find it seems. They are very helpful and knowledgeable and will test car batteries for free. I had to warranty one after 2 years and they did it no problem. Very happy with prices and service.

Tony Magee Stittsville, ON June 21, 2017

Best place ever to get any kind of battery. My number one pick for batteries.

Max Alexander Ottawa, ON June 21, 2017


The folks at 2 of your Ottawa stores have been very helpful and they told me of an ‘On-Line’ thing to rate their efforts……and being Computer Stupid….I could not find it. By getting a couple of batteries one day and mentioning it to my family about how great the folks were…..it opened a flood gate !! Apparently everyone has been waiting to deal with battery issues…..and since I was there and going back to return a core battery……would I mind picking up a few things…..which evolved into more….then my elderly Father-in-Laws EBike and phone batteries…..then….. I think you get the picture !! I contacted the Stittsville store about the list I now had and he checked around and tried his best to see if arrangements could be made to save me running around.

Long story short…..all was organized and I made one stop at the Bently Ave store. I have a physical injury and with my limited knowledge of all the batteries…..in all the visits they were extremely courteous and carried the battery out for me on one of my visits to the Stittsville store……. without even asking !! People are quick to complain….so when they mentioned the ‘On-Line’ thing and I couldn’t find it….this was my next best option to comment on ‘A Job Well Done’ !

Customer Service is on the decline these days…..but you wouldn’t know it from your employees! Thanks


Dan O'Connor Ottawa, ON June 19, 2017

Hello Total Battery!

I have shopped at your store a few times in the past couple months and I have to say, I’m very pleased with the great and knowledgeable service I receive. Also, the cleanliness of the store front really stands out. I own a cleaning company and I was very impressed with the state of your store front. Everything is well organized and dust free. I’ll definitely be back and I won’t hesitate to recommending your store to others!

Kim Cayer EcoHome Cleaning Ottawa, ON June 19, 2017

Hello Dusan,

Thank you for the response. I wanted to say that dealing with you has been really easy, and that I will definitely recommend Total Battery to friends.

Ahmed Elchamaa Stittsville, ON June 19, 2017

I just want to thank David Ness of Total battery shop at the Nepean location for the quick response to resolving my small battery issue. He asked me to send a photo of my old battery and within minutes he emailed me back confirming that there is a perfect replacement and even included the Invoice. He also suggested a more convenient location to pick it up closer to Kanata, on Iber Road. I consider this 5 star customer service!! David deserves a raise!
Thank you very much.

Lilly Herrmann Nepean, ON June 19, 2017

I picked up the 4 Trojan batteries this morning. I wish to express my sincere thanks for the efforts you made to ensure these batteries made it here before the weekend.  I also wish to note the great help that was given throughout by the young man who works at the Ottawa Total Battery store – James.  He was always courteous, and went the extra-mile to help me.

Larry Dickie Ottawa, ON June 19, 2017

Well the service at the Total Battery Store in Stitsville is excellent. I have purchased numerous batteries as well as other products from that store. Recently I needed a vintage motorcycle battery. Your sales guy was very eager to help. We discussed the pole locations and dimensions on that particular bike and he was able to find me a unit. His name was Dusan, he was professional and anxious to provide great customer service. I am not a price shopper I look for value and included in that is customer service….. well done Total Battery.

Mike Maloney Stittsville, ON June 19, 2017

Neil has expert knowledge and is a pleasure to do business with. Good prices and lots of techie goodies available other than batteries.

Sean Webster Barrie, ON June 19, 2017


My name is Denise, on Saturday March 22 I went out looking for a cordless phone battery , I searched all over the place and could not find anything anywhere! I stumbled across your store in Barrie and spoke with a very nice young man named Cody, he started searching and could not come up with anything in his searches but was determined to make sure I got a battery. He took my name and number and I continued on my search, to my surprise Cody called me not 15 minutes after and said he had found it and would order it! You just don’t find customer service like this anymore thank you very much to Cody and Total Battery for all their effort. You have a great store and very pleasant staff.


Denise Barrie, ON June 13, 2017

We appreciated your efficient and professional service.

A pleasure doing business with you.

Janet & Manuel Nepean, ON June 2, 2017

Really knowledgeable staff at find the correct battery for your needs.

Alastair Francis Ottawa, ON June 2, 2017

Dave, just wanted to complement the service rep I dealt with this morning – Lucas. He was not only knowledgeable and helpful, but exceptionally courteous; not common these days. Please pass along my appreciation.

Dave Sexstone Nepean, ON June 2, 2017

Carter is such a helpful employee! He is so friendly and knowledgeable, with awesome customer service! Total Battery had what I needed in stock, where other local stores did not. This will be the first place I go in the future!

Alissa Shanahan Barrie, ON May 15, 2017

Every battery you need.

JD Surrette President & CEO of Rolls Battery Barrie, ON May 15, 2017

I always come here to buy my car and bike batteries. Place is way better than Canadian tire. All the staff I’ve talked to over the years have been great and the store is clean and in a convenient location.

Ronnie Nepean, ON May 15, 2017

I started with buying one battery a few years back and liked the price and service. Over the last few years, I have bought many batteries and accessories for the home, vehicles and cottage. I always felt I got the best overall battery for my needs and at decent prices. Great place!

DJ Stittsville, ON May 15, 2017

Great Store – friendly helpful staff – well organized – clean and neat.  Special thanks to Zacchary White of Pembroke Total Battery.

Liz Mitchell Pembroke, ON May 15, 2017

Hi Guys,
On 10-20-2009 I bought Odyssey Model 34/78-PC 1500DT-A, Sales guy Adam Dubreuil invoice B88335. It was used for 3 years or so in my 1995 BMW 318i (formerly John’s) until Fall 2012 (as I recall) when it was placed on ACT Advanced Charger Model 1214CC (also a TB product) in my basement. On Wednesday April 26 it was re-installed in the ‘95 BMW and fired up – First try . . . . No hesitation. Impressive quality products!

Don Worling Barrie, ON May 10, 2017

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the guys in the Barrie store. They were awesome going above and beyond to help me find a battery for a toy for a child with special needs. My husband and I have never had a negative experience at this store.

Thanks guys!

Kathy Robinson Barrie, ON May 10, 2017

Great place to buy replacement UPS batteries, lots of cool gadgets and tools too. Always fast friendly service and no hassle on returns or warranty issues.

Gary Van Exan Ottawa, ON April 20, 2017

Great price and selection – Duson Adamov was amazing in helping me find the right battery for my application with a better warranty and price than the dealership.

Monty B Stittsville, ON April 20, 2017

Good morning,

I am sure you get your share of complaints at this email, however mine should be the opposite. I have come to your Pembroke location for car, phone and most recently lawn mower cells. I have always appreciated the honesty from your employees of the best advice on quality/price when considering replacements. On this occasion, Ray helped me at my request to load test some already charged batteries. I understand how it works but quickly explained what I didn’t know and that these batteries (pb-acid) were not maintainable and the relative condition of each. I had size-matched in the store, bit Ray suggested exactly what was needed as options to me. I told him I was coming back and he offered to bring charge up to full until I arrived. He knew the price history and comforted my shock by mentioning that this model had previously been about twice the price.  I should also mention that he was willing to make up a tie that I asked for ( i had forgot that i left at home when I had left the old cells). I even !mentioned to my 13 yr old son to take an example from Ray for when he’ll go to work. My career is that of a technical training and performance consultant. I am very attuned to customer service and effective efficient practice. Ray exemplifies a fine employee. Other than customer-employee relation I don’t know Ray but thought he deserved this commendation.

Thank you,

Jeff Orman Pembroke, ON March 22, 2017

Feedback… We visited the Nepean store today ( Saturday Jan 9th… 3pm ish ) The two guys that served us were awesome.. Really friendly.. laughed at our jokes… sold us a couple of items based on their strong recommendation. I bet it’s tough to be a battery sales person, but these two guys made the trip really enjoyable.. just wanted to pass on my praise. Ps. my APC backup is now happy again and I’m sure my Daughter will enjoy her new storage battery for her phone… thanks again!!!


Neil Harrington Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

I just want to say how pleased I am with the service I received at your Stittsville location today. I had to return a cell phone battery and the gentleman (British accent) who served me was very kind and helpful. Thanks for your great service. Thank you very much for your help and also for your excellent, well-stocked shop!

B. Young Stittsville, ON March 22, 2017

Dear Mr. Hernandez,

I am writing today to advise you of my recent experience at Total Battery (Nepean). I was having a problem with my Optima battery for my Prius. It was only 3 years and 4 months old.I was quite certain that there was a problem, as opposed to needing a new battery. As I entered the store I was promptly attended to with a friendly greeting from David Ness. We discussed my problem, he tested the battery and gave me some advice. He was clearly very knowledgeable about batteries and gained my complete confidence. Sir, I know good customer service when I see it. I know when a company has entrenched policies and practices that are client-centred, and I know when companies understand putting the “customer first” which enhances reputation and ultimately leads to a successful bottom line. I know a good employee when I see one – David is exceptional! The goodwill established by ensuring an environment where customers are tangibly and sincerely valued can not be overstated. Your company’s reputation is built customer by customer, day by day, and interaction by interaction.  In my somewhat informed opinion, you have a star employees here! Although I did not need to purchase a new battery on this day, because of David’s service, I intend to be loyal customers for years to come, and will be sharing my experience with many.

I wish you great success! Please pass on my kindest regards to David

Ronald Mostrey Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

​Kyle, This email is prompted by my most recent Total Battery purchases.(2 Fullriver DC batteries and 2 NOCO jump starters) You provided me excellent pre-sales advice, order & sales service, and a willingness to problem solve my unique connection requirement. Your service is patient, confident, knowledgeable and personable. You keep customer needs in mind to sell suitable Total Battery products and services. I did visit a couple of your competitors recently, and your service is clearly to Total Battery’s advantage. I have no interest in checking them out again. You deserve thanks from both myself and Total Battery for great sales service and fostering customer loyalty. Keep it up.

Gord Baldock Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Hi David,

Thanks again for the fast, efficient and friendly service on my lawnmower battery today. I really appreciate your professionalism and expertise. I will certainly recommend Total Battery to my friends.

Janet Johnston Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Just a short note to thank you and your staff for the good service that I received from you at my last visit.  I had batteries for my lawnmower  but it turned out that my charger was also defective and the latter was only available from YARDWORKS.  The charger was back order and would be in stock only in about a year from now.  When I explained this to you I was granted a refund less a small restocking fee. Again thank you for your understanding and I will certainly continue to use and recommend  your  services  whenever the need might arise.

Robert Butler Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

On this past Saturday night I ordered via email a deep cycle battery and a charger. A few minutes later I received an email advising me that they would get back to me for the cost of shipping. They assured me that nothing would be charged to my credit card prior to approving the shipping cost. First thing Monday morning I received a email telling me that there would be a $40 surcharge for shipping these two items and that if I accepted the additional cost, to click on a link to confirm the new Total amount. Well they were right all the way, nothing was charged, got a reply back first thing Monday morning, and they made me feel like I was a customer that had just bought $10,000.00 worth of batteries. My total amount is around $400.00 and from now on when ever I need batteries, I’m certainly going to give them my full business. Thank you Total battery for a job well done.

Keep up the excellent customer service.

Geoffrey Garceau RCMP, (Ret.) Car Battery March 22, 2017

Hello David,

A quick thank you for all the help this past Friday! I really appreciated your patience and suggestions while walking me through my options for the project I’m working on. I know it was the end of the day and you were probably ready to close up shop… this makes your helpfulness all that much more impressive. I’ll definitely be back and will recommend your services without hesitation.


Chris Tremblay Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Hey David i would like to thank you and also thank Kyle for hanging in there for me with the battery problem. I got the job completed in time and thanks for the help.

Salem Wood Contracting Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Hi I am sending this email to make you aware of the customer service at your Stittsville Ontario location. I came in yesterday to resolve a problem with a battery that I purchased in Pembroke the previous week. From your manager Mr Bennett to the sale person. The treatment was A+++++. I wish all companies had employees that are this knowledgeable and helpful to resolve issues for there clients. I will be telling friends and family to purchase items here. You have earned a customer for life.


James Smith Stittsville, ON March 22, 2017

Hello Dave,

I really appreciated the quick turn around you did for me on this battery pack yesterday. My machine is working like new again. Really nice to have found people that can do this type of work.

Have a nice day

Pierre Cotton Wood Contracting Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like mention the exceptional service I received from Dave a Total Battery. My father, an 84 year-old Korean war veteran, depends on his scooter to provide him with mobility and a sense of independence. So, when the the electrical system failed it was imperative to get it running as soon as possible. I bought a new charger and 2 new batteries, but, that didn’t fix the problem. Dave replaced the charger and told me to bring the batteries in. He discovered one battery was at 7.4 volts, so he drained both batteries and then fully charged them. The charger now recognizes the batteries and my father is on the road again.

Thanks a lot for great service!


Bryan Cole Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Good Morning,

Thank you very much for your quick and prompt service of batteries to the base yesterday. I called in the order in the morning and by the early afternoon I had the batteries.

Thank you again.

Anonymous Customer Car Battery March 22, 2017

Hello Mr. Simpson,

we recently communicated regarding four replacement 6 volt deep cycle batteries and you directed one of your employees to offer recommendations etc. I ended up travelling to Barrie on the weekend and picking up four 6 FS 230 batteries. The purpose of this email is to firstly, thank you, but more importantly, you have an employee in your Barrie store who is truly impressive! Neil Mohamed treated our inquiry very promptly and professionally and was very helpful throughout this transaction. I was employed in the service industry for over 35 years and trained to spot individuals with outstanding potential and I believe that Neil is one of these individuals. No doubt part of this is as a result of mentoring on your behalf, so good for you.  The very best to you and the company. Signed, a completely satisfied customer.


Howard Currier Barrie, ON March 22, 2017


I just wanted to provide feedback concerning my visit to your Nepean location. It was near the end of the day on November the 11th. I had purchased a one of your batteries from a friend of mine and it was not working. David said lets test it and see its status. He cleaned off the battery posts which were covered in junk, the battery was really weak for 15$ he refreshed the battery (charged it up and topped up the fluids). I went to pick it up at noon the next day. Its now over performing. I couldn’t be any more impressed with the service offered. I will definitely be returning for any of my future battery needs. (I have also referred people to your business. Thank you for the great experience and please make sure that David Ness is acknowledged in some way. He is a great asset to your team.

Kindest regards,

Matthew Pineau Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Hello Mr. Hernandez,

Just a note to provide you with some feedback… Last Saturday, at the suggestion of one of your customers and a friend of mine (Greg MacGowan), I dropped by in search of a booster battery. I was served by Kyle who I found to be particularly helpful in my search and who I thought went the extra “yards”, as it were, to alleviate my concerns. For example, he tested my car battery and voltage regulator and made some helpful suggestions about how I might solve my problem of my battery discharging prematurely. In the end, I purchased an “I Start Power Pack” which I hope will serve me well when I need it.


Ron Moores Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Hi Dave….

I’ve been meaning to do this sooner but I wanted to thank you and your staff for your amazing customer service a few weeks ago when I wandered in lost and alone with only a camera to my name and no idea if my camera wasn’t working or if it was the battery which no one could check for me but you guys. In all seriousness, you came to my rescue and were able to test the battery for me and save me the wondering and while it turns out it was my camera which was more expensive, at least I know and that is thanks to you guys…..thank you again for being so helpful and trust me, all my battery needs or any of my friends, I will send them your way. Thanks again from a new satisfied customer.


Codi Jeffreys First Female Morning Show - Jewel 98.5 Radio Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

David I am following up with you to extend my thank you for all the extra leg work that you did that you did not have to do. I am now able to follow up with the manufacturer for a re-call that they have on this equipment. Not only good customer service but I saw you assisting your fellow worker when they were struggling with something on the computer. Total Battery needs to know how good your customer service and supervisory skills are. This keeps customer and I will pass on the work to anyone who you’re your services. Thanks for being so pleasant and positive, sure goes a long way. Please forward this e-mail to you manager.


Dave Stephens Safety Specialist, PLM Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Dear Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Hull,

I wanted to tell you about my recent experience at Total Battery on Iber Road. I walked in and was pleasantly greeted by a young man who I later learned was Kevin Jensen. At that time I was looking for a solution for my boat which holds three batteries a 24 V system and a 12 V system. As a customer I must say in Canada it’s rare to find sales personal who provide good knowledgeable service. I have found getting service is difficult but going above and beyond the call is an even rarer occurrence but when people put their best efforts forward it is greatly appreciated. Kevin went above and beyond the call I was extremely impressed with his product knowledge and professionalism. As my needs were very specific and exact I brought an electrical engineer with me and we visited with Kevin on three separate occasions before I made my purchase and Kevin endeavored to answer every specific question we had with preciseness and complete confidence in your company’s products. I was so impressed with Kevin and his service and the knowledge that he has in your products that I immediately sent emails out to Vancouver Winnipeg and other friends across Ontario explaining about the success I had a Total Battery! My friend Doug who’s the electrical engineer was so impressed with Kevin that he immediately went back and bought two expensive batteries for himself as well. I suggest Kevin is a great role model for your other employees and having more employees like Kevin I can imagine would only bolster your business. I want to let you both know that I will be back to Total Battery time and time again for my battery needs and I will be bringing my friends and our company business needs to Total Battery. Every time I go in I’ll be looking forward to chatting with Kevin and purchasing your products. I trust you will let Kevin know how much I appreciated his help!

Thank you,

David Hotchkiss Stittsville, ON March 22, 2017

Just a quick email to tell you how happy I was with the service from your store on my first visit. Kyle was very knowledgeable about your products and extremely helpful in solving my battery problem. I’m only sorry I have not found your store before!  I’ve already recommended you to a couple of friends and will certainly continue to do that.

Thanks for the great service,

Michael O'Byrne Ottawa, ON March 22, 2017

Dear Kyle,

Doing business with you Kyle was very satisfying and I would recommend your store anytime. Thank you for your good customer service.

A very satisfied customer.

Wally Mick Pembroke, ON March 22, 2017


Today I had upmost positive experience when buying my car battery from you. Your manager is a star employee: knowledgeable, exact, funny, personal. Way to go!

Thank you

Jan Stittsville, ON March 22, 2017

I purchased the PC680 from your store in Stittsville thanks for your estimate. Great store and fantastic staff. Will shop there again and will definitely tell everyone I know.

Mike Langlois Stittsville, ON March 22, 2017

A note about the Excellent service received in Pembroke store.. bend over backwards to satisfy the customer. Enjoy going to the store and I must single out on this occasion Kyle K, Absolutely made my day when looking for a Pelican cooler.

Thanks Kyle much appreciated

Gordon M Pembroke, ON March 22, 2017

I just wanted to pass along an “Atta Boy” to Corey at the Newmarket st store.  I have been in your store a few times and each time I am impressed with the fantastic customer service. Corey is exceptional. His product knowledge is terrific and his demeanor with the customer is great. Please pass on my pleasant experience to both Corey and his superiors.

Adam Ottawa, ON March 22, 2017

Hi David,

Thank you for your diligence in sorting this out. Great customer service.

Gary Ross Barrie, ON March 22, 2017

My husband brought me to your store yesterday and bought a Pelican 2360 flashlight.  You did not have a holster in stock that fits it. We were served by Kyle Hummerston. Regarding Kyle, you have a very valuable employee there.  Kyle was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and personable.  I didn’t realize the savings by buying regular batteries in your store (apparently my husband did as he has shopped there before) but do now thanks to Kyle.  I will  come to your store when I need batteries and will make a point of coming on weekends when Kyle works.  It was a very pleasant experience.


Ann Odgers-Sherring Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

I would like to take the time to thank you very much for the fast and professional  and efficient services you have provided  our unit over  last two years , it is very much appreciated and it is reassuring  to know that we can  get products from you on short demand  to meet our operational requirement.

Again thank you on behalf of everybody from my unit.

Anonymous Customer Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

This is just a brief note to tell you about the excellent service I received from Kyle and Travis on May 14th. On that day, I purchased 2 UPG Brand UB12180 T4 batteries which would serve to replace the 2 batteries of this type which were then in my Home lite  cordless power mower. My husband had not removed them last winter for storage, being very ill at the time. I had purchased the mower at Home Depot, but of course they no longer had parts nor service for this piece of equipment. After calling around to find replacement batteries, I found your company offering them for sale. I no longer had to go the Home Depot store in Massena, NY to buy replacements. Furthermore Kyle and Travis were so nice to help me with installation of the new batteries at what I consider to be a reasonable and modest charge. Bravo Kyle and Travis. Thank you for the excellent service Mr. Hernandez. These 2 young men and you are excellent representatives of your business.

If I need batteries again, I know where to go!

Marilyn S. Southall Nepean, ON March 22, 2017

Just a brief note to say that the service I got on Saturday at your store in Nepean was superior to anything I have experienced in purchasing batteries David Ness sold me a $150.00 battery and provide fantastic service, he took my old battery out of the case and took off the terminals and then installed them on my new battery. He then carried the new battery to my car. He did all of this in a happy, pleasant manner that made shopping there so satisfying, I will return for all my battery needs. Thank you for hiring such pleasant, contentious employees, Mr Ness is an asset to your business

Best regards,

Mike Norman Nepean, ON March 22, 2017


I just wanted to say that I really appreciated the fast and efficient service that I received at your Iber road location in Stittsville. As quoted and in stock. Not more than 3 minutes in and out. I hadn’t realised that you were located there or exactly how much stock  you carried. I will certain recommend your store. Thank you again for making my life that much easier.


Diane Mathieson Stittsville, ON March 22, 2017


writing to say that Mr David Jodoin of the Ottawa store on Newmarket st has gone above and beyond to help me out even though he did not have to!! I got a battery(Odessey PC680) for my motorcycle a few years back and the warranty was for 2 years. The battery did not even last one year but that us beside the point as I managed by carrying a booster pack at all times on the bike. 2 years minus 1 month after the purchase I went back to the store and they informed that the battery was still under warranty and they would check it out. It checked out bad so it was replaced at no cost to me and they added that the warranty was over regardless of the fact that I had just gotten a new battery. This time the battery did not even last the summer. It did great on my trip to the Maritimes! Got back, bike was parked for 3 weeks and when I tried to start it the battery was dead!! Started the bike with a boost, went for a ride on the highway about 2 hrs I guess; thought that would charge up the battery again. No go! Battery would not take a charge from my house charger either. @ weeks ago I wnt to the store with the battery and told David about the problem and he said to leave the battery there and he would check it out. Went back today and he had managed to recondition the battery and told me to always keep it above a certain voltage so it would not “die” again. No charge for that service at all and he answered all my questions and reiterated to keep it charged up over the winter. Not sure if it is a policy of Total Battery or if Mr Jodoin took it upon himself to help out even after the warranty is over but I would like to be sure he is thanked by his superior(s) for offering outstanding service to a customer who really believed he would have to purchase yet another battery. Thanks and Blessings to you Mr David Jodoin and to Total Battery for having great people on staff!!!

Gilbert Ottawa, ON March 22, 2017