Battery Minder


VDC Electronics, Inc. founded in 1993, is a privately held company headquartered in Englewood, New Jersey. They specialize in battery management products designed to improve and extend the life of any/all type lead-acid based batteries through the use of their proprietary design techniques and U.S. patented desulphation circuitry.

BatteryMINDer are the leading manufacturer of pulse type battery charger-maintainer-conditioners in the U.S. They are a 100% owned American company founded by personnel, each with over forty years of battery charging design, development and manufacturing experience.

Regardless of how or where the battery is used, be it in airplanes, autos, RVs, farm equipment, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, emergency generators, etc., significant improvement in both performance (cranking amps – running time) and longevity can be expected with the proper use of one or more of their products.

Note: ALL our BatteryMINDers brand products are built to the highest quality world standards, known as ISO 9002. BatteryMINDer’s historical failure rate is less than 1/2 of 1% = less than 1 unit out of every 200 units shipped.

Why BatteryMINDer?

  • Desulfation is the process of reversing sulfation on battery plates that occurs to lead-acid batteries over time; robbing them of power and reducing the battery life.  All BatteryMINDers® use High Frequency pulses to desulfate, not potentially damaging High Voltage while being ON in all stages.
  • Temperature Sensing Compensation prevents over-under charge over high / low temperatures.  All BatteryMINDers® compensate over full temperature range permitted by all major battery makers.
  • Multiple Battery Maintenance allows more than one battery to be on maintenance/charge from just one single charger.  All BatteryMINDers® are able to maintain and desulfate multiple batteries of same of different sizes from just one single charger.
  • Battery Condition Indication: shows user state of the charge and condition of your battery.  BatteryMINDers® models 2012, 2012-AGM, 128CEC1 and 244CEC1 show user state-of-charge, condition and if battery has weak or dead cell(s).
  • Bad/Shorted Cell Detection with auto shut-down.  All BatteryMINDers® prevent potentially dangerous overcharging of defective batteries by auto-shut down.
  • Automatic Load Detection: LED indicator informs user if any load (drain) is preventing charger from returning battery to full charge in shortest time. BatteryMINDers® models 2012, 2012-AGM, 128CEC1 and 244CEC1 all have Load Indicating LEDs.