Carbon Foam

Carbon Foam Batteries, A lighter, greener, cheaper, longer-lasting battery. Who wouldn’t want that?

Carbon foam structure redistributes the small separator reservoir of a conventional battery to the pores of theactive foam battery plates themselves. This

increases the efficiency of the lead-acid chemistry because each microcell has its full complement of sponge lead or lead dioxide and sulfuric acid electrolyte.

In carbon foam, the discrete microcells collectively make up a new type of electrolyte structure (3-D electrode, pictured on the left). This results in higher power, energy and cycle life, as well as greater energy delivery and faster recharge capabilities relative to a conventional lead-acid battery.

When compared to lead-acid chemistry, carbon foam battery technology increases the cycle life by a factor of two to three times, but it can be built for three-fifths the cost of other advanced material batteries.