Commercial Equipment

Keep Heavy-Duty Equipment Running at Top Performance

Demanding commercial equipment require nothing less than the most powerful and dependable batteries. Total Battery offers many premium brands of the toughest commercial equipment batteries on the market. Commercial Equipment batteries are engineered for durability while meeting high power ratings for heavy-duty engines.

Types of commercial equipment batteries:

Wet Lead-Acid batteries are conventional batteries that have free flowing acid in them, these batteries are the most inexpensive and the most basic type of battery in the industry. They are sold in both maintenance and maintenance-free designs.

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries absorb the electrolyte in a special fiberglass matting.They are designed to last longer and perform better than conventional wet batteries, they have more reserve for the higher demands of the new car’s electronics. One of the main advantages to AGM is that they do not require any maintenance and only require periodic charging during storage.

Commercial Equipment Battery Brands: