Concorde® Battery Corporation

Concorde® Battery Corporation is a manufacturer of premium quality lead-acid batteries. The present product lines include valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries (VRSLA) for aircraft, marine, medical, telecommunications, emergency backup, and photovoltaic applications.

Since 1979 Concorde® Battery Corporation has manufactured aircraft batteries and batteries for shipboard use by the U.S. Military. Concorde® Battery Corporation has provided the Department of Defense with over 150,000 military batteries manufactured to rigid quality requirements. Concorde® Batteries have been adopted by worldwide militaries including Canadian, British, Australian and Italian air forces.

Concorde® manufactures AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified products and is fully qualified under the FAA Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) process as a manufacturer of a full line of batteries for commercial aviation. Original equipment batteries are supplied to American Champion, American Eurocopter, Aviat, Bombardier / Learjet, Cessna, Columbia, Commander Aircraft, Dassault, Diamond, Enstrom Helicopter, Erickson Air Crane, Extra, Gippsland, Grobe, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, JetPROP, Liberty Aerospace, Maule, Micco, Mooney, Pilatus, Piper Aircraft, Robinson Helicopter, Scaled Composites, Schweizer, Seawind, Sino Swearingen, Slingsby Aviation, SOCATA, Twin Commander, Van’s, Zlin, and other airframe manufacturers. The replacement market is supplied through distributors located worldwide.

The valve regulated aircraft battery provides the customer with a no maintenance, non-spillable, high reliability product designed to replace existing nickel-cadmium and lead-acid designs. They have been adopted in aircraft such as the AV-8B,130, CH-47, CH-53, EA-6B, F/A-18, F-117A (Stealth), KC-135, UH-60 and V-22 to name a few. In many of these applications, the VRSLA battery is a direct replacement for maintenance intensive, expensive nickel-cadmium batteries. The valve regulated design offers the user a tremendous improvement over flooded lead-acid in the areas of vibration resistance, shock resistance, charge retention and cold temperature performance.

Concorde® valve regulated batteries of the Lifeline, Chairman and Sun Xtender series are designed for the marine, electric wheelchair, standby power and photovoltaic industries. These battery types incorporate many of the same design and quality features contained in our aircraft batteries therefore benefiting from aviation standards while exceling in each industry due to the application specific design and features built into each line.

Concorde® is committed to the proposition that the customer deserves the best performing and highest quality product. Our batteries are tailored to the application rather than make the designer settle for what is available. It is this commitment to meeting customer needs that sets Concorde® apart.

The Future

It is Concorde’s belief that there is a growing need for special purpose valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries in such areas as inertial navigation systems, stand-by emergency lighting, cable television, computer back-up, and motive power to mention a few. To manufacture quality VRSLA batteries requires exacting knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to quality. Concorde® has the knowledge, skill, people, and desire to produce the finest quality batteries.

Concorde’s® research and development in the valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery continues to bring considerable interest from military, marine, UPS, motive power, and medical equipment manufacturers and users. Continued effort from every level of management has contributed to their growth and success.

Growth and Facilities

Concorde® Battery continues to grow to meet the demands for specialized lead-acid batteries. For over 30 years manufacturing was done at a single facility 20 miles east of Los Angeles, California. To help meet the growing customer demand and gain geographical diversity, Concorde® Battery has opened a second facility 11 miles west of Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia facility will maintain the same high quality standards and processes as our California facility. In total both facilities will operate on over 21 acres. Concorde® Battery is always looking to grow while improving facilities to keep up with the specialized lead-acid battery market.

Types of Concorde Batteries

  • Emergency Aircraft Batteries:
  • General Aviation Starting / Main VRLA Aircraft Batteries
  • Turbine Aircraft Batteries
  • ARINC / ATR Emergency & Backup Aircraft Batteries:
  • Ground Support Aircraft Batteries
  • Military Aircraft Batteries
  • TSO-C173 Authorized Emergency Batteries
  • TSO-C173 Authorized Turbine Batteries