The Connect-Ease product line was developed due to the constant frustrations we had due to a lack of good quality trolling motor kits and simple battery connections for deep cycle batteries, for our boats, ice houses, sump pumps, ATV’s, trap machines and just about anything else that needed a quick, easy, corrosion free connection for outdoor use.

Remembering how to connect and disconnect ring style and the other terminal connections for our electronics and other boating equipment over and over again was just plain frustrating.

This product suite eliminates all the frustrations of connecting, disconnecting expensive electronics from the storing and charging of expensive deep cycle batteries on all of your outdoors sporting equipment from trolling motors to trap machines.

You can use the same battery(s) for any of your outdoor needs, just a quick snap and your equipment and batteries are connected and ready to go.

Time is valuable to us outdoors folks, most of us would rather spend time doing what we enjoy then tracking down corrosion and connection issues, cleaning terminals, or replacing bad connections.

Simple and easy to use is the foundation of our ingenious and innovative Connect-Ease product suite, we are revolutionizing the way deep cycle batteries and expensive and regular equipment is connected.

  • Easy to use, trouble and corrosion free.
  • Fresh and salt water approved.
  • Use for, charging, mobility and also theft protection.

Connect-Ease eliminates all the frustrations of connecting, disconnecting, storing and charging expensive deep cycle batteries for all of your outdoors equipment from trolling motors to trap machines.

Connect-Ease, a Minnesota-based company with a passion and mission to develop innovative practical products that allow sportsmen and women to enjoy more time in the great outdoors.