Crown Battery

History & Innovation

In 1926, William J. Koenig, a German immigrant in pursuit of the American dream, opened the doors to a small battery repair shop in Fremont, Ohio. Today, Crown is pleased to open its doors to a single battery market, too:  The World.

Wherever industries need to start working, they turn to the dependable power of Crown Batteries.

That’s why you find Crown Batteries in heavy-duty equipment on- and off-highways all over the world. Throughout the railroad industry, moving freight efficiently to global markets. Their batteries are powering underground mining equipment in the Americas, Africa and Asia. They can be found in steel mills. In renewable energy installations around the world. In the recreational marine and automotive industries. And they’re reaching new heights in the aerial access equipment industry. Whether it’s floor care equipment at work in New York City or Tokyo…or an electric truck lift operating in Flint, Michigan…Crown Batteries can be found getting the work done. On time. In all critical applications.

We serve the World’s Power Needs from Fremont, Ohio.

One location for engineering and manufacturing gives us incredible efficiencies and absolute quality control. From this location we serve global battery markets through a sales force and service network strategically positioned in six continents and more than fifty countries. This means we can satisfy any customer’s power needs…anywhere in the world.

Crown Battery Applications

  • Automotive & Light Truck: The starting power that covers the world’s automotive and light truck market is a hallmark of Crown Battery. We cover all domestic makes and models. And imports aren’t foreign to Crown.
  • Electric Forklifts & Pallet Trucks: Crown manufactures a full line of lead acid batteries that cover all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and all types of battery powered equipment.
  • Heavy Duty Farm Equipment: No other line is engineered to Crown’s tough, durable standards. No other battery performs or lasts like a Crown.
  • Golf & Electric Vehicle: The world’s leading Golf Car Manufacturers wouldn’t send their cars onto the course with a lesser battery. That’s why they only choose Crown.
  • Floor Care Equipment: Crown’s quality is understood, with thicker plates that that make their batteries work and last longer. From small machines to highly complex industrial equipment, they understand all deep cycle applications.
  • Marine & Recreational Vehicles: The Crown Battery line covers  with the power for Starting, Deep Cycle and Dual Purpose Marine & RV Batteries.
  • Traffic Management & Messaging: Crowns commitment to continual improvement within regulatory and statutory requirements has advanced our deep cycle technology to the point where their standards are what their industry strives to be. If you want traffic control, they give it to you.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: The renewable system delivers the power you need during daylight hours. Now it’s easy to select the reserve power batteries you need to keep you running at night.
  • UPS & Power Management Systems: The full array of high-performance, OEM quality, AGM & Gel batteries for UPS, Power Management & Motive Power applications.
  • Severe Duty: Ideal for reserve power applications, Crown’s Severe Duty Batteries perform reliably in offline uninterrupted power systems (UPS). They are also designed for CATV control boxes, remote RE reserve power applications and more.
  • Railroad & Stationary Generator Systems: Crowns MD and UD products are considered the longest lasting, most durable batteries available today. They also offer batteries for railcar back-up emergency lighting and railway signaling batteries.
  • Electric Mining Equipment: Crown batteries are used by leading OEMs around the world on various mining equipment for coal and hard rock mines or in tunneling applications.
  • Industrial Battery Charging Systems: Keep you batteries properly charged so that you can discover “the power behind performance”.