Energizer Arc Series

The Energizer Arc5 portable power station uses the same lithium-ion battery technology found in electric vehicles to pack a massive 550 Watt-hour (150,000 mAh) capacity into an ultra-portable 11.2lb package.

This is not your typical pocket-size power bank – the Arc5 packs enough power and outlets to run your TV during a blackout, blow up your floaties at the beach or run a CPAP machine for 3 nights.

Recharge using a standard wall outlet in 7hrs or get off the grid and power-up directly from the sun with solar panels in 7-11rs.

The Arc5 is completely silent, requires no maintenance and produces no emissions, making it perfect for powering your smartphones, laptop, and Wifi router during a power-outage. Arc5 is backed by Energizer’s 2-year warranty, reliable customer support and an exclusive online part store.

Power Your Electronics Anywhere

Lightweight at only 11.2lbs and small enough to take up less than half your backpack, what can you bring now that you couldn’t power before? Powered coolers, air inflators, lights, upgrade your packing list with the Arc5.

High-Tech Lithium-ion Batteries

Unlike other power stations, big power doesn’t mean a heavy battery. The Arc5 uses the same cutting edge technology found in electric cars to pack more power into a smaller package.

Equivalent to 15 Power Banks

A typical 10,000 mAh portable power bank can recharge your phone 3-4 times. The Arc5 can recharge your phone 45 times or power a TV, electric cooler, drone, game system and more.


Outlets to Power All Your Devices

Whatever you need to plug in, the Arc5 has you covered with the power of 9 outlets. You can power your TV and game system, charge up the drone, camera and speakers, phone and tablet. More than enough outlets to keep your friend’s jealous and powered up. 

Emissions Free Solar Charging

Harness the clean power of the sun and stay off the grid as long as you want. Integrated Hyperboost MPPT recharges the Arc5 in the fastest time possible, 7-11 hours to full charge (conditional on weather).  Arc Solar 120 panel sold separately.

Charge up with included adaptors:

AC Wall Charger: 7hrs
Solar: 7 – 11hrs *Weather Conditional
Vehicle: 7hrs

Power Up When the Power is Out

Did you know one of the main reasons your WiFi shuts off during blackout is a loss of power? Run your WiFi modems, routers, laptops, phones, game consoles and even your TV with Arc5. Keep your lights on in the evenings or use the room-illuminating built-in LED floodlight. Your family can stay connected when your home isn’t.


Arc Solar 120
MC4 Extension 10ft
MC4 Extension 20ft