Lead Acid – AGM / SLA

Lead Acid AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat and Lead Acid SLA stands for Sealed Lead Acid

Both terms have been used to describe a sealed battery that uses glass mat separators between the battery plates which is saturated with battery acid (absorbed electrolyte).

The battery is then sealed with special pressure release vents and the battery has the ability to recombine the gas during normal charge and discharge process. Since there is no free flowing acid and since the mat is saturated to only 90% battery acid the battery becomes spill proof even if damaged or operated in any position. Since the battery is sealed it is also a maintenance free battery that does not gas under normal conditions so it is safer in many more environments than conventional flooded.

Not all AGM are made in the same fashion or to the same degree of quality. There are standard AGM batteries used in alarms systems,  compression thin plate pure lead batteries used in starting applications, Hi rate AGM batteries for large UPS systems and extreme deep cycle AGM batteries each designed for a different application. There are also differences in case material, vent ratings, weld partition styles, plate designs which greatly affect the performance and cost of an AGM battery.

Total Battery knows the difference and knows the technologies that go into each type of battery, we also can recommend premium brands that use the most current technological design applications, Please contact us or request a quote for your application or project.