RIGHTWAVE 2560ELC Portable Power Station

New type of LFP (lithium iron phosphate battery), 80% DOD cycle life reaches 5000 times, that’s more than 10 times the life cycle of Lithium LMC (Lithium magnesium Cobalt oxide) batteries in most of the competition’s power stations.

RW2560ELC is a green, environmentally friendly, safe and portable energy storage product that provides you with a portable and sustainable green energy solution. It can be used in outdoor camping, outdoor aerial photography, expedition and rescue scenes. It can also power most household appliances, such as TVs, fans, blowers, refrigerators, even induction cookers and air conditioners, to meet your daily electricity needs all the time.

RW2560ELC has a wealth of output interfaces, which can provide 2 AC output interfaces for 110V/220V AC loads; USB TYPE-A and USB TYPE-C output interfaces for powering mobile terminal equipment, and 12V output interfaces for LED lighting equipment. RW2560ELC can support three charging modes, the standard charging adapter, optional solar panel and on-board charger.

Safe and reliable
Adopt large capacity square aluminum shell lithium iron phosphate battery cell, BMS six protection, flame retardant ABS shell, safe and reliable.
Two in one motherboard
BMS, MPPT controller fusion design, compact structure.
Long service life
Using a new type of lithium iron phosphate battery, 80% DOD cycle life reaches 5000 times.
Rich output interface
3 USB, 2 DC, 1 * type-c, 1 * cigarette lighter, 2 * AC socket.
Large capacity
With a large capacity of 2560Wh, it can provide continuous power supply for induction cooker (1000W) for nearly 3 hours.
1500W pure sine wave output
Continuous 1500W, meeting the temporary power demand of most household appliances.
1 Year Warranty

Off-grid Solar Generator, Green and Clean Power Supply

Power-to-go, in a compact, light-weight layout providing a couple of connections to rate your mainstream equipment and more. Use it in interior or take RW2560ECL with you for out of doors recreation, outdoor power, hiking, workplace use, leisure outings, camping, and lots more.

Pure Sine Wave, Protect Your Sensitive Devices


With the help of a pure sine wave inverter, RW2560ECL power station can safely power electronic devices by generating clean and stable electricity. Non-sine wave inverters can generate unstable power and damage mobile phones, laptops, cameras and other equipment.


LCD Display, Know Battery Status Easily


With LCD screen that shows battery operating status timely. You can decide how to distribute your power wisely and intelligently seems easier with this feature. Backlight enables easy reading under sun.


Car, RV Camping Travel Trip


Take the lightweight generator RW2560ECL with you on camping, travel, self-driving tours, off-road, excursions, or anywhere you might need power while no grid power supply. Be the life of the party at the backyard barbecue or tailgate.


Home Backup Power Supply


When you need power in an emergency or when the power is cut off, RW2560ECL can be used as a reliable backup power source for lighting, telephones, laptops, CPAP machines, radios, etc. You can also use it to charge batteries in flashlights and other devices without worrying about being left in the dark.

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RIGHTWAVE 2560ELC Portable Power Station – RW2560ELC