Dan O’Connor – Ottawa, ON

Dan O’Connor – Ottawa, ON
Ottawa, ON
June 19, 2017


The folks at 2 of your Ottawa stores have been very helpful and they told me of an ‘On-Line’ thing to rate their efforts……and being Computer Stupid….I could not find it. By getting a couple of batteries one day and mentioning it to my family about how great the folks were…..it opened a flood gate !! Apparently everyone has been waiting to deal with battery issues…..and since I was there and going back to return a core battery……would I mind picking up a few things…..which evolved into more….then my elderly Father-in-Laws EBike and phone batteries…..then….. I think you get the picture !! I contacted the Stittsville store about the list I now had and he checked around and tried his best to see if arrangements could be made to save me running around.

Long story short…..all was organized and I made one stop at the Bently Ave store. I have a physical injury and with my limited knowledge of all the batteries…..in all the visits they were extremely courteous and carried the battery out for me on one of my visits to the Stittsville store……. without even asking !! People are quick to complain….so when they mentioned the ‘On-Line’ thing and I couldn’t find it….this was my next best option to comment on ‘A Job Well Done’ !

Customer Service is on the decline these days…..but you wouldn’t know it from your employees! Thanks