Jeff Orman – Pembroke, ON

Jeff Orman – Pembroke, ON
Pembroke, ON
March 22, 2017

Good morning,

I am sure you get your share of complaints at this email, however mine should be the opposite. I have come to your Pembroke location for car, phone and most recently lawn mower cells. I have always appreciated the honesty from your employees of the best advice on quality/price when considering replacements. On this occasion, Ray helped me at my request to load test some already charged batteries. I understand how it works but quickly explained what I didn’t know and that these batteries (pb-acid) were not maintainable and the relative condition of each. I had size-matched in the store, bit Ray suggested exactly what was needed as options to me. I told him I was coming back and he offered to bring charge up to full until I arrived. He knew the price history and comforted my shock by mentioning that this model had previously been about twice the price.  I should also mention that he was willing to make up a tie that I asked for ( i had forgot that i left at home when I had left the old cells). I even !mentioned to my 13 yr old son to take an example from Ray for when he’ll go to work. My career is that of a technical training and performance consultant. I am very attuned to customer service and effective efficient practice. Ray exemplifies a fine employee. Other than customer-employee relation I don’t know Ray but thought he deserved this commendation.

Thank you,