David Hotchkiss – Stittsville, ON

David Hotchkiss – Stittsville, ON
Stittsville, ON
March 22, 2017

Dear Mr. Simpson, and Mr. Hull,

I wanted to tell you about my recent experience at Total Battery on Iber Road. I walked in and was pleasantly greeted by a young man who I later learned was Kevin Jensen. At that time I was looking for a solution for my boat which holds three batteries a 24 V system and a 12 V system. As a customer I must say in Canada it’s rare to find sales personal who provide good knowledgeable service. I have found getting service is difficult but going above and beyond the call is an even rarer occurrence but when people put their best efforts forward it is greatly appreciated. Kevin went above and beyond the call I was extremely impressed with his product knowledge and professionalism. As my needs were very specific and exact I brought an electrical engineer with me and we visited with Kevin on three separate occasions before I made my purchase and Kevin endeavored to answer every specific question we had with preciseness and complete confidence in your company’s products. I was so impressed with Kevin and his service and the knowledge that he has in your products that I immediately sent emails out to Vancouver Winnipeg and other friends across Ontario explaining about the success I had a Total Battery! My friend Doug who’s the electrical engineer was so impressed with Kevin that he immediately went back and bought two expensive batteries for himself as well. I suggest Kevin is a great role model for your other employees and having more employees like Kevin I can imagine would only bolster your business. I want to let you both know that I will be back to Total Battery time and time again for my battery needs and I will be bringing my friends and our company business needs to Total Battery. Every time I go in I’ll be looking forward to chatting with Kevin and purchasing your products. I trust you will let Kevin know how much I appreciated his help!

Thank you,