Total Battery understands with the widespread use of cell phones, mobile computers and other portable devices, it sometimes seems the world of the future will be battery operated.

That is why Total Battery has partnered with Cadex Electronics, as they recognized this trend and have developed advanced battery chargers and analyzers to maintain these batteries.

Established in 1980 by Isidor Buchmann, Cadex has steadily grown by developing new and innovative products. The newest additions are the Cadex SMBus Chargers for portable computing and the C7000 Series Battery Analyzers which double battery life and rejuvenate batteries that other analyzers classify as dead.

To assist in servicing an increasing number of battery types, Cadex has introduced BatteryShop™, a Windows-based program that simplifies and automates battery maintenance. The software offers a database of more than 2000 battery models, customized test programs and bar coding for fleet management. BatteryShop™ brings battery maintenance within reach of the untrained user.

In addition to the main product suite, Cadex designs and manufactures custom-made chargers and analyzers. As a new service, Cadex offers battery testing which includes evaluating of chargers and battery-powered equipment.