Armada Solar



Turn the sun into lightning!

Armada Solar is a Canadian owned brand of 12 volt off grid solar panels. Armada products are currently used in off grid applications such as RVs, Marine, Remote Site and Agriculture.

Portable Folding Solar Kit Panels Features and Benefits:

  • You can move the portable panels throughout the day to avoid shade and maximize production
  • No installation cost with a portable solar panel
  • If you sell your RV you can keep your portable folding solar panel
  • If you have more than one application you can use on many applications
  • You can use your portable panels to charger other batteries at home or for other projects
  • Comes with handy carry case for the panels for easy transport

Standard RV Solar Kits Features and Benefits:

  • No need to set anything up once its installed
  • Kits come with built in charge controller and hardware wiring
  • Most kits allow for expansion
  • Very hard to steal
  • Great for maintaining batteries while in storage (outdoors only)

Armada Flex Panels:

  • Perfect solution for those that want the benefits of a solar system but have limited surface area
  • They mount to any surface by any adhesives or screws
  • They will bend to allow installation on curved surfaces
  • They are extremely light weight and durable

Why buy Armada products?

  • 25 year warranty with a 30 + year design life.
  • Built to withstand hail, ice and anything else that mother nature can throw at them.
  • Canadian owned brand of 12 volt off grid solar panels.
  • Currently used in applications such as RV, Marine, remote sites, and agriculture.